Open Championship 2019

Open Championship 2019 Live Golf Stream Free, Watch Online Full Coverage: The 2019 British Open is upon us, which means it’s time to set your alarm clocks early (but not as early as Tiger Woods) to watch the action. But before the tournament starts, it’s also time to brush up on the real meaning behind some phrases commonly associated with golf’s oldest major championship. Don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz.


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British Open 2019
The 148th Open Championship
Place: Dunluce Links – Portrush, UK
Date: Jul 18 – Jul 21
Purse: $10,750,000
Course Par: 72 | Yardage: 7337

Open Championship 2019

Open Championship 2019 Live Stream

1.) “Open Championship

This is the official name of the tournament. Although calling it the British Open makes sense to help differentiate it from the U.S. Open, many golf purists bristle when they hear that. To be fair to said purists, since the Open isn’t being played in England or Scotland for only the second time ever this year (Northern Ireland’s Royal Portrush is hosting its first Open since 1951), it actually doesn’t make as much sense to refer to it as the British Open this year. But for the most part, we still will.

2.) “Links Golf Course”

The term describes courses built on land linking the coast to good farmland. In other words, these types of golf courses only originated because there was farmland that was otherwise useless. Yep, golf is kind of like an adopted mistake baby.

3.) “Outward and Inward”

A layout common in links golf in which nine holes go out away from the clubhouse and the other nine come back in. Not very creative TBH, but again, these course designers were working with bad farmland. On the bright side, it encourages playing a full 18 because you’re going to have to walk miles back anyway just to get to your car. Yes, golfers pretty much exclusively walk at Open venues, which is the main reason why John Daly isn’t playing this year. And why “buggy” (great word) isn’t an Open term you need to know.